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Unlock the Power of Unergi Body-Psychotherapy

Unergi Body-Psychotherapy is a holistic therapy method rooted in the simultaneous integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit to promote healing. With the belief that our emotions and memories are stored in our physical selves, our bodies often hold truths our hearts and minds may not be ready or able to acknowledge. These locked emotions and thoughts stemming from early experiences can often be the root cause of symptoms and illnesses because they can create energy blockages within our body. This can manifest as emotional imbalances, such as depression or anxiety, or physical imbalances, such as chronic pain, addiction, or disease.


Unergi Promotes Greater Self-Balance

Our relationship with our body is a metaphor for how we live. Unergi allows us to listen to and learn from our bodies in order to heal old wounds and experience inner peace and harmony. By giving voice to our physical selves we are able to uncover deeper issues in our lives and access buried emotions and memories. Ultimately, we are able to identify and change certain patterns that may prohibit personal growth, change, healing and success. The result is greater self-balance, a unification of mind, body and spirit and an awakened way of living.

Deep healing and relaxation await you in the calming and restorative atmosphere at Clear Touch Massage – soft lighting, soothing music, healing aroma and specially-trained Unergi therapists combine to deliver a renewed sense of self and wellness.