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Massage Therapy Delivers Health and Well-being

Not to be taken for granted, our health and well-being must be appreciated, nourished and supported. We – our minds, our bodies and our souls – must be a priority. So often, the daily grind and our never ending responsibilities cause us to forget to take care of ourselves. Your health and well-being is vital. The simplest reason for massage therapy, or any form of healing self-care, is because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

At Clear Touch Massage, we are committed to delivering relaxation and self-renewal. The therapeutic touch of massage brings about a “feeling of healing.” Through the laying of hands and a trained therapeutic touch, our clients begin their transformation – from an initial deep cleansing breath, to a release of body and mind tension, to complete rest and relaxation of mind, body and soul.


Answer The Body’s Needs with Therapeutic Massage

Each and every day, our bodies are asked to endure a multitude of activities, stress and tension. As a result, our bodies respond by communicating what they need. Are we listening? Do we understand? Do we take the time to answer? With just one therapeutic massage session, the results can be quite transforming, intuitive and restoring. A calm and quiet atmosphere, combined with a listening therapeutic touch allows for an optimum opportunity for that clear conversation between mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Experience the Many Benefits of Massage

The benefits of massage are seemingly without limit. Scientific evidence supports the many benefits of massage including reduced pain, increased flexibility, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improved circulation and much more. Clear Touch Massage therapists are AMTA-Certified, committed to the highest level of ethics and deliver a customized therapeutic massage that addresses the unique needs of each individual client.

Deep healing and relaxation await you in the calming and restorative atmosphere at Clear Touch Massage – soft lighting, soothing music, healing aroma and specially-trained massage therapists combine to deliver a renewed sense of self and wellness.